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Fionna Agomuoh
Fionna Agomuoh
Computing Writer

Fionna Agomuoh is a technology journalist with over a decade of experience writing about various consumer electronics topics.

In addition to computing, she specializes in smartphones and the Android operating system. She runs the blog where she primarily follows these topics.

Fionna's freelance work is published at,,,,,,, and She has also previously worked on staff at Newsweek Media Group, and Business Insider.

Fionna lives in Brooklyn, New York where she enjoys exploring the city, finding new cocktail lounges, and planning her next trips.


HP Dragonfly Pro Chromebook rear view showing lid and logo.

This update could extend the life of your Chromebook by years

By separating the Chrome browser from ChromeOS, your Chromebook could live on far past its normal lifespan.
DALL-E 2DALL-E 2 Image on OpenAI.

DALL-E 3 could take AI image generation to the next level

An anonymous leaker who claims to have been a part of an alpha test of Dall-E 3 for several months details features of the new version of the AI image generator.
Adobe's Generative Expand feature in Photoshop.

You can now ‘expand’ images in Photoshop using AI

Adobe is now adding AI features to its Photoshop application after introducing a standalone app.
Meta and Microsoft's Llama 2 is an AI model that is supposed to be as good a ChatGPT.

Why Meta’s new ChatGPT rival is such a big deal

Meta has announced the availability of Llama 2, a proper open-source alternative to OpenAI's ChatGPT.
From a side view, you can see how glasses can be worn along with a Quest Pro.

The Meta Quest Pro may already be dead

Meta is slowing down its AR/VR production, seemingly to see how the Apple Vision Pro fares on the market first.
A laptop screen shows the home page for ChatGPT, OpenAI's artificial intelligence chatbot.

Here’s why people think GPT-4 might be getting dumber over time

Researchers claim that OpenAI's GPT-4 language model is not only performing worst than its prior GPT 3.5 iteration but from older GPT-4 versions.
ChatGPT app running on an iPhone.

ChatGPT: the latest news, controversies, and tips you need to know

The ChatGPT chatbot by OpenAI is taking the world by storm. Here's how to use it and everything you need to know about AI text generation with GPT.
Different types of Lenovo boxes made of 100% recycled material.

An inside look at Lenovo’s goal of filling the world with more sustainable computers

Lenovo has been focused on sustainability for years now, but its recent innovations are going continuing to push forward.
ChatGPT app running on an iPhone.

ChatGPT’s record growth was just dethroned by a new viral app

Over 100 million users flock to Instagram Threads in just five days, toppling Open AI's ChatGPT from its fastest growing platform throne in just six months.
ChatGPT versus Google on smartphones.

All of the internet now belongs to Google’s AI

Google has updated its privacy policy to give itself free range over your content to benefit building and improving its AI tools.
Stable Diffusion AI image generator.

Stable Diffusion aims to fix its problem with generating fingers

A new Stable Diffusion SDXL 0.9 model version might soon release with a focus on more accurate hand generation.
A dark mystery hand typing on a laptop computer at night.

Hackers targeted DMV to expose personal data of 9.5 million people

A vulnerability in the MOVEit file transfer software has affected the personal records of millions of Americans across several states.
Audio-Technica AT-SB727 Sound Burger rear panel and carry strap.

Meta’s new AI app is both for patients with vocal cord damage and in-game NPCs

Meta (formerly Facebook) is introducing its first artificial intelligence offering in a text-to-audio app called Voicebox.
Google security logo.

Google wants you to ditch LastPass and finally switch to Chrome

Google has announced a major security update to the Password Manager on its Chrome browser to encourage competition between third-party managers.
Adobe Express app is currently available as a free beta version for desktop users and will soon also be available for mobile.

Adobe Express fires back at Microsoft with new AI features

Adobe Express app is currently available as a free beta version for desktop users and will soon also be available for mobile.
The 27-inch Dell S2721QS 4K monitor on a table.

Dubious Dell monitor ads turn into legal troubles

The Federal Court of Australia ordered Dell to pay customers who fell for misleading ads offering discounts on monitor add-ons.
A person conducting a Zoom call on a laptop while sat at a desk.

Zoom’s new AI tools will let you ditch meetings for good

Zoom IQ adopts OpenAI artificial intelligence to deliver a summary of conversations to users when they enter Zoom chats.
Memrise bot in the Discord app directory.

This GPT-powered Discord bot can teach you a new language — here’s how to use it

The Memrise bot allows you to learn language through conversation on Discord.
microsoft teams communities update builds on easy collaboration

Microsoft Teams is getting new AI tools — and they’re free

Microsoft has updated its popular Communities features in Teams with more collaboration functions.
The Windows Backup App against a blurred background.

The new Windows 11 Backup App takes another cue from the Mac

Microsoft is taking a stab at its own version of Time Machine with a backup feature for Windows 11 that's currently being tested by developers.
kaspersky releases tool to counteract cryptxxx ransomware

Hackers have a new way of forcing ransomware payments

Research has observed bad actors targeting backups to force organizations to pay ransom in ransomware attacks.
windows 11 taskbar third party app pinning

Microsoft teases design overhaul of major Windows 11 app

Microsoft teased a design overhaul that is coming to the Windows 11 File Explorer app in a future update.
Samsung has introduced its 2023 Smart Monitor lineup including the Samsung M8, M7, and M5 models.

Samsung brings a 2023 update to its M8 smart monitors

Samsung has introduced its 2023 Smart Monitor lineup including the Samsung M8, M7, and M5 models.
Copilot in Windows being used in the side panel.

These 2 new Edge features are making Chrome look outdated

Microsoft is showcasing several updated to its Edge browser at its Build developer conference this week.
microsoft brings mesh to teams as gateway metaverse for grid

You can now try out avatars and virtual spaces in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft is showcasing several new feature updates for its Teams app during its Build Developers conference this week.
The DragGAN tool allows for editing of text-to-image generative AI.

Click and drag AI image editing could change everything

The DragGAN tool is being demoed by a team showcasing its research in editing text-to-image generative AI.
dt10 language and tech motorola razr v3 paris hilton

These embarrassing passwords got celebrities hacked

Many celebrities have proven that they are just as lazy with their passwords as we are. Here are some famous passwords that have leaked online.
A MacBook Pro on a desk with ChatGPT's website showing on its display.

Professor flunks entire class based on ChatGPT’s false claims

A college professor not familiar with how the AI chatbot ChatGPT works fails an entire class after accusing them of AI plagiarism.
Google services (YouTube, Gmail, Chrome, Duo, Meet, Google Podcasts) icons app on smartphone screen.

Haven’t used your Google account recently? It may be deleted

Google has detailed its plans to delete accounts that have been inactive for more than two years starting in December.
The Phone Link app being used on a phone and laptop screen.

Windows 11 just gained one of the primary reasons to buy a Mac

The official Phone Link for iPhone update is now available for Windows 11, bringing iMessage to Windows.
A screenshot from the film, Her, with Joaquin Phoenix looking at a computer.

AI is about to take parasocial influencer relationships to the next level

A Snapchat influencer is making money with an AI version of herself, in an effort to help her fans combat loneliness.
An AI image of the Pope in a puffy coat.

Google’s AI image-detection tool feels like it could work

Google's About this image feature will tell users if an image is AI-generated.
Purple and pink-diamond on blue background by Rostislav Uzunov.

OpenAI’s new Shap-E tool is Dall-E for 3D objects

Shap-E is a model that allows you to generate 3D objects from text, building off OpenAI's other AI tools.
western digital wd black d30 game drive 1 tb deal best buy march 2023

Western Digital comes clean about massive security breach

The American computer drive manufacturer, Western Digital has confirmed that it experienced a network security breach earlier this year.