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How to beat Legion in Remnant 2

The Yaesha biome in Remnant 2 has multiple challenging bosses, each providing its own unique mechanics and requirements for completion. Mother Mind can drop you to your death if you don’t know its patterns, while The Corrupter throws you off by using a conjured guardian to do its bidding. If you’ve been exploring this forest biome and have found yourself up against another strange foe called Legion, then you probably already know this fight is one of the most unusual of all. Looking at this boss for too long can be an extremely deadly affair, but that’s not going to stop you. Let’s dive into how to beat Legion.

How to beat Legion

Legion is encountered in The Twisted Chantry and sits atop a throne. At the beginning of the showdown, the boss will remain on this throne and should be considerably easier to deal with, allowing you a brief period to familiarize yourself with the fight’s most important mechanic: Madness. This status effect will slowly build up on you while looking at Legion, causing your screen to get blurry and your movement to slow to a crawl.

Eventually, Madness will also cause you to start taking damage, which can prove to be a battle-ending affair if you’re not careful. As such, your goal in this fight is to take breaks between shooting Legion and shooting the many adds that spawn constantly throughout the fight, which should give your Madness build-up time to dissipate.

Legion boss in Remnant 2
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When you’re able to, simply fire at the big, obvious weak spot (the glowing red orb) above the throne during the first phase. During this part of the encounter, it’s a good time to get used to dodging Legion’s two main attacks. One sees him fire red orbs at you, which are easy to dodge with a simple roll due to their slow movement speed. However, his second attack is a fast-moving wave of red energy that he will charge and unleash. You’ll need to perfectly time a roll directly through the attack to avoid damage, which will take some practice to nail down.

After you’ve depleted about a quarter of his health, Legion will begin floating around the arena. This makes avoiding his Madness-inducing gaze a little more difficult, so use the many pillars in the room to hide when needed. His weak spot will remain easy to exploit during this portion of the fight, so just keep the adds at bay and unleash full clips on him until he finally falls.

For taking down Legion, you’ll receive the Agnosia Driftwood, which you can take to McCabe in Ward 13 to have her craft the Fargazer weapon mod. This will allow you to call forth your own Legion eye and apply Madness to your foes. Rad.

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