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What to do with the Thaen Seed in Remnant 2

There are a lot of unique quest items to find in Remnant 2 – including a disgusting severed hand – and the rewards for using them the correct way can be excellent. One of these strange items is the Thaen Seed, which you will find when opening the Ornate Lockbox from The Widow’s Court in Yaesha. This unusual seed has a variety of uses, but deciding on what option you’d like to choose will require you to consider what will benefit your build or gameplay experience most. We’ve compiled the ways you can use the Thaen Seed below to help you make this decision, so read on for everything you need to know.

How to use the Thaen Seed in Remnant 2

There are two ways to use the Thaen Seed, but you can only get one seed per playthrough of The Widow’s Court, so choose wisely. Here are your options.

Plant the Thaen Seed in Ward 13

There is a spot in Ward 13’s garden where you can plant the Thaen Seed, and this is the option we’d recommend overall. By planting the seed here, you’ll be able to return later and pick some fruit that offers you the ability to evade death once after eaten – a pretty impressive boon that could potentially save a run if you get into a bad situation. However, the fruit changes based on how long you wait before picking it, meaning the longer you wait to remove it from the tree, the more HP it can revive you with. There are three options we’re aware of, and we’ve listed them below.

  • Mature Thaen Fruit: Revives you with 30% of your max HP and makes you immune to status effects for 30 seconds.
  • Elder Thaen Fruit: Revives you with 40% of your max HP and makes you immune to status effects for 30 seconds.
  • Celestial Thaen Fruit: Revives you with 50% of your max HP and makes you immune to status effects for 30 seconds.

Once you’ve picked the fruit from the tree, it will eventually regrow again, so be sure to check back regularly to see if you have new fruit.

Offer the Thaen Seed to The Eternal Empress

You can also give the Thaen Seed to The Eternal Empress at The Red Throne. This location can be found in Yaesha, typically on the same playthrough where you found the Ornate Lockbox. When speaking with The Eternal Empress, choose to gift her the seed and she will gift you the Burden of the Rebel ring in return.

The Burden of the Rebel ring reduces skill cooldowns by 15%, but it also reduces the speed of using a Relic by 25%, making it a risky accessory to equip. The better reward is the fact that The Eternal Empress will also ensure that all Pan Warriors will be friendly during your current roll of Yaesha, making things a little easier on you as you continue exploring the biome.

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